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Yogic Management for Excess Menstrual Bleeding

Several remedies with regards to menstrual problems have been posted earlier under the category:  Gynecologic. This is about yogic management for excess menstrual bleeding. Do this Pranayama three to four times, 5-10 minutes each. When you are experiencing excessive bleeding, do not walk excessively or do household chores. Keep emotional thinking and other concerns out… Read More »

Yogic Management for Asthma

Asthma has been a severe problem these days and seen more in the urban areas than the rural. Asthma patients suffer difficulty breathing and gasping for air at times. When it occurs and you don’t have access to medical supervision, the following thing can help you get this difficulty breathing normalized. Take a bucket of… Read More »

Yogic Management for Ananthavata Type of Headache

There are various types of headaches. If vatha, pittha, kapha are unequal, you can experience headache, which disturbs our daily routine. It is called “anantha vatha shirovedhana” can be translated as “endless headache caused by vatha dosha.”  This type of headache can occur at anytime in the day and the pain will be unbearable. Following… Read More »

Yogasanas for Obesity / Weight Reduction

Maharshi Elchuri says that stomach and uterus should be clean to stay healthy and beautiful. If the menses are irregular or stopped, the belly will grow and the fat accumulates in buttock and hips.  Once you start noticing the growth, Maharshi tells to follow the Yogasanas described in the video. He also advices to follow… Read More »

Welcome to Ayurpedia

I will be posting English translation of all Ayurvedic Remedy video collection in my YouTube Channel here. I will be adding the translations as I find time. If you need a specific video to be translated in urgent, let me know the video URL through the contact form. I will get it done first.