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Ajeerna Samharini – Ayurvedic Antacid / Digestive Aid

Indigestion and constipation have become the common problems in every household. This is also the cause behind other diseases. Maharshi describes the following herbal remedy to get rid of them and gives the name “Ajeerna Samharini” in which “Ajeerna” means indigestion and “Samharini” means that which eliminates / kills. Ingredients: Sweet flag, Calamus / Acorus… Read More »

Ayurvedic Remedy for Constipation

This is an easy to follow remedy for constipation. Follow it and let me know how it worked in the comments section below. This will also improve the heart functioning, cleanse liver, purifies blood, and gives glow to the skin. Ingredients: Black Grapes Preparation: Take 100 to 150 g black grapes, clean them with lukewarm… Read More »