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Ayurvedic Remedy for Asthma

Following is the remedy for asthma to be following along with yogic management, which was already posted. Follow them alongside and post your experience in the comments section below. Ingredients: Arjuna / Terminalia arjuna / Kakubha, Partha, Shwetavaaha (ककुभ, पार्था , श्वेथवह) / Arjuna (अर्जुन) / Tella maddhi (తెల్ల మద్ది) [Buy Online at Amazon India… Read More »

Yogic Management for Asthma

Asthma has been a severe problem these days and seen more in the urban areas than the rural. Asthma patients suffer difficulty breathing and gasping for air at times. When it occurs and you don’t have access to medical supervision, the following thing can help you get this difficulty breathing normalized. Take a bucket of… Read More »