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Food Remedy for Uterine Disorders

These days, most of the females are suffering from some sort of uterine disease. In the olden days, our grannies gave birth to 7-10  children and didn’t have any gynecologic issues. But, these days, even teens are suffering  from various uterus related problems and it clearly emphasizes the need to look into the lifestyle we… Read More »

Yogic Management for Excess Menstrual Bleeding

Several remedies with regards to menstrual problems have been posted earlier under the category:  Gynecologic. This is about yogic management for excess menstrual bleeding. Do this Pranayama three to four times, 5-10 minutes each. When you are experiencing excessive bleeding, do not walk excessively or do household chores. Keep emotional thinking and other concerns out… Read More »

Dharmacharini Laddu for Menstrual Problems

This is a food remedy to handle the irregular menstrual periods problem. All the previous irregular menstrual period remedies can be found under this tag. This is a laddu preparation and Maharshi gave it the name “Dharmacharini Laddu.” Ingredients: Black sesame seeds / Kala Til ka Thel (काला तिल) / Nalla Nuvvulu (నువ్వులు) [Buy Online… Read More »

Ayurvedic Remedies For Uterine Fibroids

Maharshi says that doctors are advising the patients to undergo hysterectomy if they found fibroids in the uterus and that will affect the woman’s entire life.  He advises that there are simple remedies to cure the fibroids and women should try these first rather than going for surgery. Following is a proven remedy using aloe vera.… Read More »

Ayurvedic Remedy for Irregular Menstrual Cycle / Irregular Periods

Following is a simple and effective remedy to regularize the periods. It need Tanner’s Cassia flowers, which are abundantly available everywhere. Ingredients: Avaram Senna / Senna auriculata / Aavartaki (आवर्तकि) / Tarwar (तरवार) / Tangedu (తంగేడు) [Buy Online at Amazon India / US / Canada / UK] flowers powder – 100 g Triphala [Buy Online… Read More »