Food Remedy for Blood Purification

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A tablet preparation for blood purification using soap nuts and Indian sarsaparilla has been posted earlier. This is a simple remedy using only brahmi leaves. It can purify the blood, energize liver and spleen, as well as give boost to the memory power.


  •  Brahmi, water hyssop / Bacopa monnieri / Brahmi (ब्राह्मी) / Brahmi (ब्राह्मी) / Saraswathi aaku (సరస్వతి ఆకు) leaves or powder


Crush two leaves with some honey and give it to the  children to chew. If it is powder, add a spoon of honey to quarter spoon and chew. You can use cow ghee in place of honey too. Do this early in the morning on an empty stomach as well as in the night one hour before meals.

Watch the below video for instructions in Telugu:

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