Food Remedies for Good Vision

Two remedies have been posted earlier for good eyesight here and here. This is a food remedy that can improve the eyesight. Follow it along with a remedy that has already described.


  • Yellow Myrobalan / Terminalia chebula / Chebulic Myrobalan / Harithaki (Sanskrit) powder – 100 g
  • Beleric Myrobalan / Bibhitaki (Sanskrit) / Thanikaya (Telugu) – 100 g
  • Indian gooseberry / Amla – 100 g
  • Long pepper / Piper longum / Pippali (Sanskrit) – 50 g
  • Cardamom – 50 g
  • Withania somnifera / Ashwagandha (Sanskrit) / Indian ginseng roots powder- 400 g
  • Honey – As required

Heat the first 5 ingredients on a low flame and powder them. Put the Indian ginseng roots in a pot and pour milk until they dissolve. Heat it on a low flame until milk evaporates and only the roots remain. Dry them in shade and powder them. Add honey to all these powders and make a thick paste.

Give 1 g to children aged below 5, 3-4g for children up to 10 years of age, 5 g for teens up to 15 years, and 10 g for adults.

Also, take Punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa) in some form (chips, papad, chutney, etc.)

Watch the below video for instructions in Telugu:

Download the video for offline watching: HERE

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