Ayurvedic Remedy for Good Vision – Nithyanadha Nayanamrutham

Maharish says Siddha Nitya Natha was an Ayurvedic scientist and wrote Rasa Ratnakara.  This remedy has been told by him and hence Maharshi named this remedy as “Nithyanadha Nayanamrutham,” which will help in getting rid of your eye glasses and improve eyesight. Do this for at least 8 months and it will improve your vision.


  • Almonds powder – 150 g
  • Khus khus/poppy seeds powder – 100 g
  • White pepper powder – 50 g
  • Candy sugar / misthri powder – 100 g
  • Cow ghee

Soak almonds in hot water through night, peel the husk off, cut into pieces, and shade in dry.  Then, powder it. Fry khus khus and peppers lightly in a pan and powder them. Add cow ghee to all the powders and make a paste. ingredients. Store this in a glass bottle.

Take 5 g of this paste morning and evening and drink a  glass of milk. Use candy sugar instead of sugar. For children, give half of it. Take an hour before meals.

Watch the below video for instructions in Telugu:

Download the video for offline watching: HERE

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One thought on “Ayurvedic Remedy for Good Vision – Nithyanadha Nayanamrutham

  1. sudha

    pottu teesina badam pappulu shop lo vastunnai kada.avi vada vaccha.or compulsory nanabetti , pottu teesinave kaavala?

    nalla miriyaalu enni gantalu nana bettali?
    before pregnant and pregnant ladies kuda vada vaccha,
    please, dayachesi ventane teliyacheyagalaru.



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