Ayurvedic Remedy for Eye Sight Improvement

These days, eye problems are common in all the ages of people. Even, small children are wearing thick glasses. Follow the below remedies alongside to improve your eyesight.



  • Almonds – 250 g
  • Fennel / Saunf – 250 g
  • Candy sugar / misthri – 250 g

Soak almonds in hot water for a night, remove the husk, dry in shade, and make powder of it.  Fry fennel on a low flame using few drops of cow ghee and powder it.  Also, powder the candy sugar. Mix all the ingredients well and store it in a glass bottle.

Mix a spoon (2 spoons for adults) of this mix in half glass of lukewarm cow milk and drink.

Within 3-6 months, the eyesight will improve.  It will also improve the memory.

REMEDY 2: Take “Triphala Rasayana” twice a day.


  • Yellow Myrobalan / Terminalia chebula – 100 g
  • Bahera / Beleric / bastard myrobalan / Terminalia bellirica – 200 g
  • Indian gooseberry / Amla – 400 g
  • Liquorice / Glycyrrhiza glabra – 700 g

Powder all the above herbs and store it in a glass bottle.

Mix half spoon of the above powder, half spoon of cow ghee, and spoon of honey and eat twice a day.

REMEDY 3: Soak 10 pieces each of Yellow Myrobalan, Beleric / Bahera, and Indian gooseberry / Amla in a glass of water through the night. Filter it in the morning and it will be black in color. Clean your eyes with this solution.

REMEDY 4: While waking up from the bed, splint onto your palms and rub. When you start feeling heat in the palms, keep it on your eyes until the heat dissipates.

Watch the below video for instructions in Telugu:

Download the video for offline watching: HERE

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4 thoughts on “Ayurvedic Remedy for Eye Sight Improvement


    Please menction the names of medicinal plants are e.t.c in telegu

    1. Ayurpedia Post author

      Watch the video. English description is for non-Telugu-speaking visitors.

  2. swarupa

    Sir,I have 0.75 eyesight. Can I even improve my eyesight by using BADAM,SOUMP and CANDY CRUSH recipe? Please inform me.

  3. sai murali krishna

    Sir I am suffering from kerataconus a eye disease causing loss eye sight by changing my cornia shape in to cone edge…..
    Please send me solution to get my eye power back


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