Ayurvedic Remedies for Blood Cancer

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Following is a proven remedy to cure blood cancer. A patient tried it and found that his blood cancer got cured. His blood level is improved.


  • Wheat grass juice

Get seven flowerpots and fill them with soil. On first day, sow soaked wheat in first pot. On the second day, sow in the second pot and continue the same way till you sow the seventh one on 7th day. 8th day, you see that the first pot has grown wheat grass. Collect the grass and sow wheat. Clean the grass and make juice of it in a mixer. Second day, collect the grass from second pot, third day from the third pot, and so on. This way you will have grass all days.

Drinks this juice for 2-3 months. You can see that the disease is slowly resolving and feeling better.

Also, take the following formulations along with it


  • Raisin / Kismis
  • Sandal wood powder
  • Symplocus bark, Lodhra  / Sympiocos racemosa / Lodhra (लोद्रा) / Lodhra (लोद्रा) / Loddhuga (లొద్ధుగ) bark

Dry raisins and powder them. Also, powder the barks of sandal and lodhra. Take equal quantities of the above ingredients and mix them well. Store the mix in a glass bottle.

Take half a spoon of this mix with a spoon of honey twice a day. This will cure bleeding from nose, gums, and teeth due to blood cancer.


  •  Prickly chaff flower, Devil’s horsewhip / Achyranthes aspera / Apamarga (अपामार्ग) / Chirchira (चिरचिरा) / Uttareni (ఉత్తరేణి) root paste – 10 g
  • Candy sugar / misthri – 1 spoon

Mix the above well.

Take this mix twice a day. This well purify the blood and increases the quantity.

Watch the below video for instructions in Telugu:

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