Preventive Measures for Pimples

Following are the preventive measures suggested by Maharshi. Follow them to avoid pimples or acne. Avoid heavily polished white rice. Take less-polished or unpolished aged rice / brown rice. Take last meal around 7 p.m. and eat fruits before going to bed at 9 p.m. Chew a leave of neem right after waking up in… Read More »

Ayurvedic Remedies for Indigestion – Remedy 2

Indigestion can lead to several other problems in the long run. So, don’t take it easy. Following is a simple remedy to combat this issue in both children and adults. First remedy in this series can be found here. Ingredients: Ajwain / Trachyspermum ammi / వాము Cow ghee Candy sugar / misthri powder Preparation: Take… Read More »

Ayurvedic Pranarakshana Choornam for Healthy and Longer Life

“Pranarakshana” can be translated as “lifesaving.” Because of the innumerable benefits of this herbal powder, Maharshi  named it as lifesaving. This herbal powder will give strength to the body to keep you mentally and physically fit. It can be taken by people of all ages and can be taken lifelong. It is also good for… Read More »

Ayurvedic Remedies for Kapha Doshas

Kapha dosha effects can be seen in the form of cough, cold, congestion, sneezing, difficulty breathing, and a feeling of something struck in the throat. Modern medicine can solve it only temporarily. There is a definitive and easy treatment in Ayurveda to tackle this dosha. Ingredients: Cow urine Neem (Azadirachta indica) oil Preparation: Filter cow… Read More »

Ayurvedic Remedy for Weakness and Fatigue

Lot of people are having the problem of weakness and fatigue, which might be arising from mental or physical factors. If food does not get digested, our body does not get the nutrients to keep us active. This causes the weakness and fatigue. It reduces the interest in activities and you may lose interest even… Read More »

Ayurvedic Remedy for Spleen Enlargement / Splenomegaly

Enlargement of spleen is called splenomegaly.  This filters the blood and removes the old red blood cells. When it stops working, it increases in size pushing the abdomen forward.  It was seen rarely in the old days, but nowadays it has become a common issue. Rapid changes in lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits is causing… Read More »

Food Remedy for Uterine Disorders

These days, most of the females are suffering from some sort of uterine disease. In the olden days, our grannies gave birth to 7-10  children and didn’t have any gynecologic issues. But, these days, even teens are suffering  from various uterus related problems and it clearly emphasizes the need to look into the lifestyle we… Read More »

Ayurvedic Remedy for Insomnia / Sleeplessness – Remedy 2

This is the second remedy in a series of remedies to combat the insomnia or sleeplessness problem. First one can be found here. Maharshi says that some people worry about the past things happened in their life and some worry about the future. People unnecessarily dig the bad things, remember them often, and worry about… Read More »